Patrick Pearse 5km Charity run/ walk mobile medal (not a race)

30 Days, 4 Hours 20 seconds


This initiative is to help raise funds for 2 x charities and use up all the remaining medals from the past two years of the Patrick Pearse 5km.

How it works…

Your order your medal online click here then you run/ walk 5km where ever you like to earn the medal. That is why we call it the mobile medal. (ta-da!)

You don’t need to prove you completed 5km – we won’t be checking…. We trust that you will. But if you like you can send us a photo

Medal – NOTE the Gold has sold out!

You have a choice of 1 x medal – black and white.

The gold has sold out

GOLD                        BLACK & WHITE

All the proceeds from the initiative will go to charity.


In 2017 we will have 2 x charities benefiting from the race.

The proceeds will be split 50:50

‘1) Team Alanna  (charity no CHY12729 )

Meadow Respite Care Centre Navan (via Team Alanna). They are doing several events associated with running /sport to fund a bus to transport patients.

‘2) St Teresa Obera support fund (charity no CHY17476)

St Teresa Obera support fund is an Irish run home for abandoned & disabled people in Argentina. The poorest of the poor.

I’m pretty sure you have never heard of this charity – primarily because it is based in Obera, Argentina. It was started by Divine Word Missionary priest Fr Liam Hayes RIP. I (Eoin Ryan) had the privilege of working there doing voluntary work for 3 months back in 2000. Half the proceeds from this event will go to this charity. To understand exactly what kind of charity you are supporting (by entering this event) I suggest you watch this video. Please note: there are some scenes you may find disturbing. To watch video click here 

This is organised by Eoin Ryan. Eoin organises all the events on this website and Wexford & Wicklow half marathons & 10km’s.

Eoin had the privilege of working in Argentina doing voluntary work in St Teresa’s for 3 months back in 2000. He also works as a Speaker and Life Coach

Here is where you sign up 🙂  Please read carefully before you begin…

GOLD                      BLACK & WHITE

NOTE: The gold medal has sold out

When you click on the link to Enter (below) it will bring you to our online provider. Click on the SIGN UP icon (blue) to get you to the medal menu.

Note medals will be posted once a week on Mondays (that’s the aim)

The fee is €15. This includes postage and the online 7% fee.

So circa €12.50 will go to the charity pot.

Pls be 100% sure your address is accurate if not get in contact.

 *Opening again in Aug 1st