Outcome Running – Virtual Clontarf 5 mile, 10km or Half Marathon

30 Days, 4 Hours 20 seconds

We are delighted to introduce the NEW virtually guided runs/walks we are calling Outcome Running.

We are taking virtual running to the next level…

What makes these runs different to a standard virtual run?

Outcome Running virtuals use the ROYO app to verbally guide you around a measured course. Now you can take part in some of your favourite runs when it suits you. And you can join the leaderboard for that course to see how you did verses other people on the app.


– You can compete against 2 x others who have already completed the course.

You will get 2 x messages letting you know if you are ahead or behind them.

– You can enter a target time and find out on 3 occasions if you are ahead or behind it.


Sound cool? We think it is….

And if you like, you can help raise money for charity.


Clontarf is Ireland’s flattest half marathon and flattest 5 mile. It takes place in the scenic setting of Clontarf Promenade and Bull Island with views of Howth Head and Dublin bay. The race is contained within an off road promenade and Bull Island giving it unique and relaxing appeal.

Start time = whenever you would like it to be… the course is OPEN

We have a few packages to suit your needs

Active Package is a Virtually guided run/walk along the Clontarf course using ROYO app.

Reward Package includes the Active Package and the Clontarf medal.

Premium Package includes Active and Rewards packages plus the 360 Journal app.

Save €10 off the 360 Journal app. 360 Journal app lasts for 12 weeks.

Lets go for it! Racing is now on your own terms. Tap on CLICK HERE to set yourself up

There is a 7% charge per online registration.


Training plan for Half Marathon & 5 mile & 10km

Plus general Tips on Half Marathon

Training tips to give you a guide towards achieving your respective goal. Please note they are general tips and should be used for reference only.

Training Plans for Half Marathon & 5 mile & 10km

5 mile 8km Training Plan

Beginners Half Marathon Training Plan

Eoin Ryan Coaching Beginners 10km Training Plan

Eoin Ryan Coaching Intermediate 10km Training Plan

Tips for Running

Half Marathon Tips 1 – Equipment & Injury Prevention






Results are shown on the app.

If you do the half marathon – it will show you the half marathon results.

If you do the 5 mile – it will show you the 5 mile results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the app guide me around the course?

Yes. And if you are listening to music it will quieten down the music to allow you hear the instructions.

What happens if i miss the instruction while on the course?

The app will be open on your phone so you can look at the map and the directions.

How do i get to the venue and where do i park etc?

All that information will be on your confirmation email when you sign up

Can i race this course?

Yes you can. However you need to be mindful that there are no marshals looking out for you. You are responsible for the decisions you make out on the course. We do let you know in advance when to take action so you should be able to keep up your pace.

What do i need to bring for this event?

You’ll need to bring your phone and ideally headphones.

Very important that your phone is fully charged.

A bottle of water and something to eat when you finish the race.

The instructions on how to get to the venue and start line

Your usual race stuff….